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Welcome to Total Lifestyle Coaching where Pilates is taught with purpose, creating body awareness so you can move with ease, in a functional, flexible and strong way.

We offer Matwork classes in the local community, Daglingworth, Cirencester, Stratton, Siddington, Cricklade & Purton and private sessions in your own home or in the Studio in Cricklade.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, each exercise is adapted to meet each individual needs, incorporating the latest research and other movement practices so individuals can improve their movement and function allowing their bodies to work efficiently and with ease.


Our Pilates classes are suitable for first time exerciser to the professional athlete.

Hanna Somatics

Hanna Somatic Education is a scientifically-based series of movement exercises to re-educate the brain on how to relax and move the muscles properly. 

Video Library

Access to the video library is free to current members of the class. If you are interested in having access to them please contact me.

Classes and Booking

Classes are run during the week in Daglingworth, Cirencester, Stratton, Siddington, Purton, and Cricklade.
All classes are suitable for beginners to advanced.

Tel: 07717 560296