“I have been attending Pilates classes with Shauna for some years now and more recently Somatic classes.  She is a lady that certainly knows her business.  Spending an hour with Shauna each week helps me to manage and improve my flexibility and core strength as well as helping to maintain a positive state of mind.  Shauna has a flexible approach and is able to understand and focus on any specific personal needs.  I would highly recommend Shauna to anyone wishing to join her Pilate or Somatic classes, to either a beginner or to a well-versed and seasoned enthusiast.”


I have been attending Shauna’s Pilates classes for a number of years now, having been given Shauna’s name following physiotherapy for back issues. Shauna’s classes are excellent and I would recommend anybody considering Pilates to contact Shauna.

She is extremely knowledgeable and continues to develop through further training. She is mindful that everyone is unique and may be struggling with their own limitations and is fantastic at adapting movements to suit each person. She continually monitors movements in class and will discreetly help if anyone needs assistance or aligning into the correct position. There is always an option in class to do a different level of challenge with the moves. This ensures everyone feels included and is able to follow the flow of the class.

She will always make time to talk after class if anyone has anything they need to discuss and genuinely cares about her ‘students’.

 An amazing ‘teacher’ and a lovely person. Thank you Shauna for doing what you do!


“I was recommended to use Shauna by my hospital physiotherapist after a prostate cancer operation as the exercises develop core strength and are gentle. I found her very friendly and approachable and happy to adjust my programme to what I could do and my level of competence. Whilst we are in a class, all go at their own pace, so you don’t feel like the newcomer.”


“I joined Shauna’s class as a total novice some 8 years ago.  I thoroughly look forward to my Thursday class and come away feeling really good.  Thanks Shauna you are brilliant !! “


“I’ve been attending Shauna’s Pilates classes for more years than I care to remember – and they are a lifesaver!  Her calm, clear instructions lull you into thinking you’re just lying on the floor, yet afterwards, you know you’ve had a workout!”


Shauna is incredibly observant in classes, keeping an eye on all of us with our different parts of our body to watch out for with positions etc whilst still leading the class. Classes are great fun and we can do exercises at different levels to accommodate all abilities. Such a good variety of exercises each week. She is a brilliant instructor, I’m so glad I got to join the local group session.   If you are after a really professional Pilates teacher who cares and nurtures every one of her clients Shauna is the one. Throughout Covid she battled with the tricky technology to bring us all together with wonderful Zoom lessons. All her lessons are varied, flow well and are carefully planned. We all consider ourselves very fortunate to have found her. 


“Shauna is always caring and considerate of our individual health issues both before and during classes, allowing us to work within our limitations while trying new exercises. Her classes are very well designed and balanced to include all joints and muscles and I like the way that she tells us which muscles we are using or stretching. After several years of attending Shauna’s Pilates classes, I hope to continue doing so and I have recommended her to many friends.”


“I must have been coming to Shauna’s sessions for the best part of 10 years now – longevity speaks volumes!

It is also the case that she has kept me going when my body has felt about ready to seize up, so she has been completely invaluable.

After every session I do, however slight the movements seem to be, it makes so much difference to my mobility.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so brilliant and understanding.  You are an essential part of my life!”


“If you find joining a Pilates class daunting, join one of Shauna’s classes. They are friendly and fun. Shauna will encourage and support you. You’ll feel better, you’ll be taught to breathe correctly, and your balance and flexibility will improve.  Any current medical needs you may have will be considered. Join today.”


“Since I joined Shauna’s practice classes at least 5 years ago I have enjoyed every single session. They are structured and varied, and everyone is accommodated whatever their issues. Shauna kept us going through COVID online with humour and determination. We are back in the hall now and being carefully guided to do our best and I am still practicing something new every session.  I can’t recommend Shauna highly enough for her knowledge,  attention to detail and the way she makes the hour so enjoyable.  With much appreciation and respect”


“I was put in touch with Shauna after suffering several episodes of severe back problems. I was reassured straight away that the exercises would be helpful in finding ways of reducing the risk of future episodes.  I found the exercises to be enjoyable and I was delighted that Shauna offers variations to suit abilities and any health issues.  The concentration on core strength and exercises to support this has helped tremendously and touch wood I have had no repeat problems. Shauna makes the sessions fun, with a mix of new and well practiced exercises and they fly by. “


“I have only been doing Pilates for a year now. I really enjoy my Pilates Sessions, and they have certainly reinforced my mind/body awareness.  Shauna is a great teacher, her explanations and display of movements are very clear!  She is more than happy to answer any questions!  I am looking forward to September when Pilates recommences!”